albb replied to your post “I just watched Chef. I didn’t expect it to be great. In fact I was…”

The whole movie feels like they felt if they made Favreau’s character Latino by association it wouldn’t be appropriation.

Way before they even went to Miami I was uncomfortable about the soundtrack because I feel like using cool retro music from POC artists to show that the white protagonist in your movie is ‘hip’ and ‘with it’ is becoming one of the most widely accepted tropes in the genre. But then Favreau the Jewish Italian was like “I need to get back to my roots and introduce Cuban food to the world the way only I know how!” and I lost it. Couple that with the unnaturally written father and son scenes, the fact that he wrote/directed/produced a movie where his two love interests are Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara, plus that gratuitous scene where ScarJo practically has an orgasm while watching him make some pasta, and you get a terrible, terrible movie.